Version 1.1.5    – March 21st, 2017

– Revolution slider, Visual Composer and Ultimate Addons updated.

Version 1.1.4    – Dec 29th, 2016

– New Blog Style 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 – shortcode added to VC – Major Update
– Single Post Navigation fixed
– Footer – iPad issue fix
– title link removed from Single Post
– Hover issue fixed in drop down menu
– Blank tag removed from Icon box shortcode
– Vertical mobile menu design fixed
– WooCommerce single product, My Account design fixed
– Option added for number of post for Blog Modern Style1 and Blog Modern Style2
– Onepage mobile menu issue fixed
– Like box on hover
– Call to Action – line height option added
– Other minor css bug fixes

Version 1.1.3    – Oct 3rd, 2016

– DEMO IMPORT added –  new features
– BBPress Sidebar remove
– Breadcrumb design error fixed
– Animation option add in contact form element
– Full screen menu bug fix in header style 4
– Call to action Button Icon position & hover style add
– Footer column aside Margin fixed
– Footer social icon – Border and Padding setting fixed
– Scroller added in extend sidebar
– Pagination design fixed
– Icon box design Updated
– Header and footer social icons  description Changed
– Custom post type slug change (portfolio)
– Header four  –  Mobile menu not working  fixed
– Call to Action Responsive design fixed
– Call to Action Button hover issue fixed
– Portfolio design Bug fixed
– Related Post & related Portfolio thumbnail size changed
– Portfolio styles updated ( grid rectangular option add in Choose Layout )
– Image box Button text change (Button Text to Read More)
– Call to action – mobile responsive issue fixed
– Counter Elements  –  responsive issue fixed
– Accordion Elements –  icon border color issue fixed
– Blog style Elements –  responsive issue fixed
– Recent post widget URL Issue fixed
– FitRows added in default blog grid
– Button size option added in call to action element
– Main Menu Hover Background Color opacity added (First Level)
– 404 in primary color
– Back to top appears in wrong position (bug Fix)
– Top bar show/hide option added in theme options
– Contact form issue fixed
– Testimonial issue fixed
– Instagram responsive issue fixed
– Sharing box responsive issue fixed
– Author Info box responsive issue fixed
– Portfolio design updated
– Breadcrumb  design Update
– Page title line height Option added
– Testimonial New design added
– Copyright responsive issue fix
– Contact info widget Design issue fixed
– Special Button added (custom CSS )
– Post gallery responsive issue fixed
– Search page design issue fixed
– Woocommerce Product single page design issue fix

Version 1.1.2    – Aug 12th, 2016

– bbpress Redesign
– Instagram widget
– Twitter Widget
– Contact form new element added
– Image box new option added
– Responsive Logo Issue
– footer new design added
– iconbox new style update
– Pricing table style change
– woocommerce column fixed
– iconbox (Icon Box – Simple. Icon Position Right. With Shadow)
– Blog Modern Style 1 And Blog Modern Style 2 (design change)
– Call to Action Animation fix

Version 1.1.1    – July 28th, 2016

– menu class design (new botton right to the Menu)
– Standard Logo Height for Retina Logo fixed
– soundcloud not appearing in shortcode – bug fixed
– Faq shortcode added to VC
– Accordion style- 7 – design issue fixed
– mailto: add in header social link – fixed

Version 1.1.0    – July 22nd, 2016

************ MAJOR UPDATES ************

– More options added to Blog in Theme panel like Post title Position, Post title separator image … for both single post, posts list, category, archieve, tags to look good.

– Post title position
– Post title separator Show/Hide
– Post title separator Image
– Category position
– Category design
– Image for category design
– Continue Reading Show/Hide
– Modify the Continue Reading text
– Post social sharing Show/Hide
– Social Sharing Border Radius
– Blog Post Design
– Post separator Show/Hide
– Post separator Image

– More style options added to Styling in theme panel in Blog – Masonry/Grid/List Colors for Category, Social, Continue Reading.

– Category Item Font Color
– Category item Background Color
– Category item Border Color
– Category Item Hover Font Color
– Category item Hover Background Color
– Category item Hover Border Color
– Continue Reading Button Font Color
– Continue Reading Button Background Color
– Continue Reading Button Border Color
– Continue Reading Button Hover Font Color
– Continue Reading Button Hover Background Color
– Continue Reading Button Hover Border Color
– Social Share Font Color
– Social Share Background Color
– Social Share Border Color
– Social Share Hover Font Color
– Social Share Hover Background Color
– Social Share Hover Border Color

– Back to Top Color Options added to theme panel Styling. Back to Top botton style added to Footer options in theme panel.

– Back to Top button Style
– Button Font Color
– Button Hover Font Color
– Button Background Color and Opacity
– Button Background Color and Opacity
– Button border Color and Opacity
– Button Hover border Color and Opacity

– Sidebar widget design added to Sidebars in theme options.

– Sidebar Widgets Style
– Sidebar Title Alignment
– Title Top Padding
– Title Bottom Padding
– Sidebar Title Design
– Title separator Image
– Separator Width
– Title separator & Image Height
– Title Bottom Margin

– Pagination color options added to Theme options Styling

– Pagination Font Color
– Pagination Font Hover Color
– Pagination Background Color
– Pagination Background Hover Color
– Pagination border Color
– Pagination border Hover Color

– Footer Widgets Title Design

– Footer Widgets Title Top Padding
– Footer Widgets Title Bottom Padding
– Footer Widgets Title Separator
– Footer Widgets Title Separator Width
– Footer Widgets Title Separator Height
– Separator Bottom Margin

– Search page redesigned – Old design removed. New one added like list design one above one.

– Author page redesigned – Author profile added. layout changes like the archive page layout.

– Page width 100% options added to Page Tab (Zolo Options Page panel)

– Header4 Mobile menu fixed

– Boxed Layout Sticky header fixed

– Load more bug fixes for new design for Blog and portfolio

– Blog Post Slider- new element

– Blog Styles(Style 9, small, medium, Large)– added new styles,options ,like integration, global theme admin options added, color option added

– Counter Circle- new element VC

– Progress Bar- new element VC

– image box- new element in VC

– Accordian, Tabs, Tour custom modification in VC

– Drop Cap- removed from VC and Added to default editor

– Call to Action- new element in VC

– Social Links – new element in VC

– Testimonials- color option added to Testimonial Shortcode

– Blog modern style(Style 3, Style 4)-redesigned for Blog Style Shortcode

– Multiple Sidebars added to theme

– New widgets like About Me, Contact Info, Recent Post, Recent Works have created.

Version 1.0.1    – 9th May, 2016

– Dropdown arrow  – New Features for  Menu section
– Copyright And Social icon on bottom in Vertical Header
– Vertical Header Full height
– 100% Width Left/Right Padding not working in page panel  – fixed
– A static Blog page Padding not working in page panel (only Blog Page) – fixed
– Sidebar list border not correct (first child border 0px) – fixed
– Related post Title add in single page   – Added
– Vertical header logo width not working  – fixed
– Header style 2 navigation area left  padding add
– Mobile header padding option add in theme panel
– Portfolio filter font family And font size not working – fixed
– Top bar search icon font color
– Cover footer style deactivate  in  mobile
– Mobile screen animation effect hide CSS
– Footer list border not correct (first child border 0px)   – fixed

Version 1.0

– Theme Start Update